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"Patient Travels 5,000 miles to see Dr. James Stewart for his Unusually Effective Optometric Care"

“Four years ago, I stumbled into Dr. James Stewart’s Fresno office in extreme discomfort due to ill-suited contact lenses, strongly prescribed by another optometrist. After his careful exam, I realized that my sight had probably been misdiagnosed for years. I had been given stronger and stronger lenses, causing my eyesight to deteriorate steadily. Dr. Stewart reduced the strength of my lenses, whilst still providing me with 20/20 vision. The tension and headaches disappeared, and my eyesight has actually improved. I was so impressed, I brought my husband, sister, and our parents to Dr. Stewart (5000 miles, from England,) and all were delighted with the results, especially my mother, who has suffered from headaches for years as the result of poorly prescribed lenses. . .”

“. . .I am writing this to lend support to his small practice. I have no doubt that if Dr. Stewart’s practice should fail, he’ll be replaced by drive-thru optometrists, who neither take the time nor care to ensure their patients have the correct prescriptions, as long as they have them in and out within the hour. I have had my vision systematically destroyed by such practitioners. I truly believe that if I had met this doctor as a child, my vision would have improved, possibly back to 20/20 vision, as Dr. Stewart has achieved with other patients, who have been following his insightful advice since childhood. As you can understand, I am reluctant to trust my eyes to any other so-called “qualified” optometrist, and should his conscientious practice not find enough support, I would most likely have to go back to a life of constant headaches and deteriorating vision. I urge you to support him—take advantage of his care whilst you can. Aren't your eyes worth traveling the extra mile for preventive care? In my opinion, this place is the only place."
- K.V. --- Mouldsworth, Chester (England)
"“I first went to Dr. James Stewart, with headaches and eyestrain during the workday. I am an engineer, and I work long hours in front of the computer. I went to my HMO for my eye exam, and went to Dr. Stewart’s office only to select a frame for my HMO prescription. When he heard that this was my first prescription, Dr. Stewart suggested that he take a look at my prescription anyway, and offered to do a complete eye exam for free. He diagnosed me as being farsighted, with astigmatism (my HMO doctor also diagnosed this) but he gave me half the astigmatism power, which he said was still quite a bit. I saw adequately, and his suggestion was to give me weaker lenses than that on the paper, with the hope that my eyes would get stronger, and my vision would improve.”

“Two years later (though I still had a ‘free’ exam, if I went to my HMO,) I paid to see Dr. Stewart, and select a new pair of glasses. To our amazement, the astigmatism was completely gone! Although I am still farsighted, my eyesight has improved greatly since my initial visit to Dr. Stewart in 1998. I am convinced that Dr. Stewart knows his profession well and that his theories are proving to be sound.”"
- T. A. --- Fresno
Dr James Stewart Family Optometrist 6053 N. Palm Ave., Fresno, CA 93704 (559) 258-0688
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