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The chain stores give you exactly what you pay for cheap service & cheap glasses.
Your family optometrist should be a member of your family, not just a bargain. For 28+ years, Fresno's favorite family optometrist has been a passionate, caring optometrist who creates the perfect glasses for you, for your family members.

The Family Doctor
People throughout the Central Valley think of Dr. Stewart as a kid’s eye doctor. He has tested over 20,000 lucky children of all ages, many previously diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Many find that wearing Dr. Stewart's glasses are a lot like cheating on the test, (but legal, of course!). If an eye exam from a preventive optometrist with a holistic approach to vision and learning appeals to you, give us a call today and make an appointment!
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Why Dr. Stewart's Style Matters

This optometrist does not wear a white coat--He feels it makes children uneasy.  Whether child or adult, he personally reviews every question and answer along the way --- to be sure he knows you, what you do, and what you need. He takes time to carefully measure your prescription two different ways, and then checks how all his observations and measurements fit. If your prescription doesn’t make sense, Dr. Stewart will keep trying until it does.  You won't find that kind of conscientious care at a chain store.
Help For A.D.D.

Do you have a child with a reading or attention deficit problem (A.D.D.)?  Dr. Stewart has tested over 20,000 children, and written a manual about visual stress and its management called, "Eyegiene--Manual for the Care and Maintenance of the Eyes."
 This is a real blessing for students, parents, computer users, or anyone concerned about the deterioration of the mind and eyes.  Ask us about receiving a copy.  Just read about one child's results.

Insightful solutions for contact lenses, dry eyes, and poor concentration
Dr. Stewart became an optometrist and fit himself, after 3 different eye doctors told him he could never wear contacts. If you have always wanted contacts but ran into obstacles like poor vision, dry eyes or astigmatism, you may find a happy solution with Dr. Stewart. His approach to dry eye is simple, and makes sense—get the heat off, by the most careful, exact prescribing. More power than required to see the bottom row of the eyechart works the nerves and muscles harder and heats everything up; which, Dr. Stewart believes results in redness,dry eyes, distractibility and headaches.

Questions about insurance?
We accept nearly every vision insurance or union plan. To name a few...
• Healthcomp
• Medical Eye Services (MES)
• Eye Med
• Safeguard
• Advantek
• Davis
• Superior
• Even Medi-Cal patients have access to this optometrist's exceptional eyecare.
If you have questions about what is covered, just give us a call. We will help you answer any questions.

Questions? Give Us A Call!  (559) 258-0688

Personalized attention in selecting a frame that fits and flatters your appearance.
Over 1,000 frames to choose from!
Previous contact lens failures are welcome
Over 60? We heartily recommend more frequent eye exams with glaucoma testing for early detection
We offer contacts that give you superior vision and value--often the same lenses the eye doctor wears himself!

We have been serving Fresno's Hmong community for years.
Dr James Stewart Family Optometrist 6053 N. Palm Ave., Fresno, CA 93704 (559) 258-0688
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